The Inkululeko Project

The Inkululeko Project Overview

The Inkululeko Project meaning “Freedom” addresses the issue absenteeism of female learners. Girls are missing up to 50 days of school a year due to lack of sanitary products. Providing girls with a MyownCup provides them with a sustainable re-usable sanitary solution. By using MyownCup, girls are not ostracized by peers, and no longer have to use unhygienic ways to keep themselves dry or resort to degrading methods of raising funds to buy disposable sanitary products.

By being able to attend school with confidence, girls will be given a better opportunity to be able to complete their education and achieve better grades thus making it possible to be uplifted from poverty and reach their full potential.

Funding received will be used to provide all female learners and educators at a nominated school with a MyownCup as well as basic necessary information on feminine hygiene.

The Inkululeko Projects goal is to reach 1000 schools in South Africa.

The Inkululeko Project

Programme Outline

Life Orientation educators and Head of Departments will be trained with the relevant information on MyownCup as well as basics in feminine hygiene and other issues relating to this subject.
Life Orientation educators are able to teach female learners in a comfortable and safe environment about MyownCup and distribute the menstrual cup to each female learner at the end of the class with the reassurance that each female learner has the information to use MyownCup correctly as well as a better understanding of the importance of good feminine hygiene.
  • Gaining approval from identified School and Department of Education
  • Identifying how many female learners and educators are currently at nominated school.
  • Identifying and train the Life Orientation educators and Head of Departments including providing training manuals for each educator to use in class
  • Schedule classes to teach about MyownCup and basic feminine Hygiene
  • Distribution of MyownCup to learners
  • Registers to be completed by each learner and educator who receives a MyownCup
  • Registers to be given to MyownCup (This will be attached to formal documentation to private company who sponsored school)
After all milestones have been completed, educators will be able to measure the impact MyownCup has of absenteeism among female learners by comparing class registers from before and after The Inkululeko Project was implemented.

The Inkululeko project is implemented in conjunction with a registered NGO. Full BEE benefits and section 18A certificates will apply to companies that contribute.

The Inkululeko Project