About us
MyownCup is a female-owned and run business founded in 2010 in sunny South Africa. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to normalize the topic of menstruation and start conversations so that girls and women from all walks of life can understand, feel comfortable and manage the very normal and incredible bodily process: menstruation
Our Inkululeko Project is a workshop that is aimed at school girls. Our mission is to create awareness about Menstrual Health Management (MHM) including topics on female health and hygiene, and of course the eco-friendly menstrual cup. In conjunction with the educational component, menstrual cups are given to girls to help keep them in school and allow them to manage their menstruation in a simple and easy way.

The Community Upliftment Project (C.U.P) is a way for us to empower local women from their communities. In collaboration with NGOs and other organizations that have a shared vision, we train women as Health Promotors, who then facilitate Inkululeko Project workshops.
We hope to create sustainable livelihoods for facilitators, whilst producing & supplying high-quality menstrual cups that promote "a green period". MyownCup lasts up to 8 years, which makes it an 
eco-friendly product with minimal impact on the environment
MyownCup = no mass waste; although many estimates have been made to the enormity of disposal waste from traditional sanitary products, realistically it is unfathomable; especially if this includes the impact on the environment when considering the energy and resources involved in the production of traditional disposable sanitary products.   

You can read more about The Inkululeko Project & Community Upliftment Project (C.U.P) under PROJECTS