There are several folding methods to make the rim of the cup smaller and pointer for easier instertion. Experiment with a few different ones to find which works best. Switching to a menstrual cup can sometimes take a few attempts / cycles to get right, but practice makes perfect. 

Because MyownCup is made from medical grade silicone, you can practice folding and inserting before your period starts. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and warm water and to sterilize your cup before and after using it.

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Step ONE

Push the rim of the cup down into the inside of the base of the cup

Step TWO

Grasp the rim of the cup with your other hand to help maintain the crease, while continuing to pinch firmly with original hand to ensure that the rim is still pointed.


Insert cup until stem is 1 – 2 cm inside of the vagina

Step ONE

Squeeze cup so that it is flat and hold it in that position

Step TWO

With your free hand, fold the rim of the cup over so rim is touching the stem


Insert cup until stem is 1 – 2 cm inside of the vagina.

This fold is a combination of push down and the arrow fold

Step ONE

Push the rim of the cup down into the inside of the base of the cup.


Step TWO

While holding the cup in this position, fold the rim of the cup over so it is touching the stem / base


Near the base of the cup, indent the cup and squeeze the base of the cup holding it into position. It should look like a rosebud.


Insert the cup units the stem is 1-2 cm inside of the vagina

Click on the arrows on the images to see the step by step guide to different folding methods

Tips for easier

insertion and removal

It is very important to relax when
inserting & removing your cup.
To aid insertion use some clean
water to wet the cup.

It is recommended that you wash boil your MyownCup at the end of your menses and allow to air-dry before storing it in the cotton bag provided.

Depending on your flow, you might be able to wear MyownCup for up to 12 hours at a time. Remember to check and empty your cup at least twice a day.

MyownCup does not need to be inserted as high as a tampon. Inserting the cup too high will make removal more difficult, and if the cup sits too high it can also be uncomfortable. Insert it, so that the stem of the cup is 1 -2cm inside the vagina. Trim stem if necessary.

Once inserted, if the cup is not fully
opened, you can gently pull on base (not the
stem of the cup) as if to remove
it. This will allow the cup to move
lower in the vagina and air to flow
into the air holes helping it open completely. Do not pull to the point where it comes out of the vagina. Feel around the base of the cup - it should feel oval or round in shape. Now gently push cup in an upwards direction until stem in completely inside of the vagina.

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