Congratulations on making the switch to the most sustainable menstrual product yet! Read below on how to get started using your menstrual cup.



your cup

Boil myowncup menstrual cup

Before using your MyownCup for the first time you should sterilise the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Make sure that the cup is completely submerged in water so that it can move freely once the water starts to boil. You can place cup inside a metal whisk to avoid burning.

WASH your hands with clean warm water and a mild / natural soap before handling your cup

Wash myowncup menstrual cup

Pick a FOLD to make inserting MyownCup easy. There are a few different folds, so experient using different ones to find one that suits you and your body best

Click HERE to see different folding methods

Fold MyownCup menstrual cup

Being comfortable and relaxing before inserting your cup is important. Finding a position that works best for you; like sitting on a toilet, squatting, or lying down.

Holding the fold in place, INSERT your cup into the vagina so that the stem is completely inserted.

side view

front view

Once inserted, feel around the base of the cup - it should feel round without any creases / folds. If  there is a crease, you can twist the cup, or pull gently on the base (as if to remove it) so that it opens fully, before pushing in an upwards direction following the natural direction of the vagina. If you pull on the base of the cup and it feels as though it is sitting tightly, then you have created a seal!

A menstrual cup does not sit as high as a tampon in the vagina.

If you have a low cervix, and the stem the cup sticks out of your body, you can trim it off. You can trim it off section by section with a nail clippers/scissors or cuticle trimmer. Make sure you do not cut into the body of the cup. Boil cup after trimming.

Trim MyownCup Stem

Wear for up to 12 hours depending on how heavy your flow is / capacity of cup.

Remember to remove and rinse at least every 12 hours. Remove after your period is finished.

Use MyownCup for up to 12 hours

During the first few cycles of using a MyownCup, changing it more frequently will alow you to get to know your flow. When REMOVING your cup, make sure to wash your hands first and then prepare for removal by relaxing and allowing yourself time to get used to the process. 

Remove the cup by grasping on the base (not the stem) and gently pulling it in a downward motion.

If it feels "stuck", you have created a seal that needs to be released. Inserting a finger agaist the body of the cup and depressing it against itself will release the seal for easy removal.

Rinse your cup and insert; or wash, boil and store in its cotton storage bag for your next cycle.

Reuse your MyownCup for up to 8 years. By using a menstrual cup, you will personally save hundreds of disposable menstrual hygiene products from entering landfills and our oceans.