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The Starter Kit - Criss Cross

What's in the Starter Kit? 7 beautifully curated items to make your period easier and ecofriendly.

1 x large envelope bag (storage with a dry compartment for used pads/pantyliners)

1 x microwavable wheat-warmer

1 x medium* menstrual cup, cotton storage bag in its box

*Want another size cup? SWOP the medium cup for Teen, Grande, or x-Elle by commenting in the notes section at checkout.

1 x cup steri-spray

1 x pantyliner

1 x medium pad**

*Colours may vary from image/s shown. If your colour preference differs from the item image, please let us know in the comment section when placing an order. Leadtime for pads and pantyliners is 4 - 7 days

1 x natural soap

The starter kit is an ideal way to start the reusable menstrual health journey.

For some, the idea of using a menstrual cup that might leak and stain underwear is very off-putting, and others prefer to sleep with a pad... so we have included both MyownCup & MoonTime pads into the starter kits so you get the best of both worlds. Your choice, your way!

Whatever your preference, or your concern... we've got you covered.

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