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How it all began

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is how it all began; a motorbike trip into Africa, a man who had some foresight on lack of menstrual products and Africa, and a girl who would try anything once.

Seeing as you are here because you are curious about menstrual cups, or perhaps (and hopefully) have clicked over to the blog to read about feminine topics (which is more often than not; shrouded in secrecy, and cause of much, ahem, social and personal discomfort, I'd like to a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Cara. I am a mom of two mischievous & marvelous children. Succulent enthusiast, lover of all things plant, and of course endlessly fascinated and curious about the human body - particularly the female one...

A decade ago...

On a whim, we took a trip into Africa on a bike. I'd never been on a bike (aside from that one time my high school boyfriend and I took his step dads bike for a horror ride) and I had certainly never experienced travel like I did just then. Wild. Raw. And completely life altering.

In the six weeks that we made our way north, up the coast of Mozambique, over the wide, brown Ruvuma river into Tanzania via Dar Es Saalam and a sho't left over into Malawi, I saw things that changed my perception of the human race. I also got my period. A lot. (I think it was shock of leaving a comfy bed and three square meals a day that got my body all up in arms!) Living in extreme poverty, the people are the exact opposite of what I expected; warm, welcoming and generous far beyond any generosity I've experienced when it comes to people who have a lot more to offer. This stirred in me the desire to do more good. In short, Africa changed me.

It was then, that I decided I was done with the mundane life I had previously lived before Africa. And so, MyownCup was born.

On my return to South Africa, we set about creating a menstrual cup that was affordable and accessible to all women. Not just those who had the financial means. We designed and prototype'd and tried and tested the cup. The original cup, the medium which you can still buy today, was the final product of much research, "guinea pigging" (many girls and women tried the cup and gave unfiltered, honest feedback and comments) and hard work. It is still the favourite cup available, although we have branched out to offer a wider range of sizes, as to accommodate the needs of menstruating woman of all ages and stages.

The cup, became a C.U.P

The Community Upliftment Project became a way for me to educate and create awareness about a very normal body function and start conversations that hopefully can help dismantle the stigmas and taboos that hinder girls and women relationship and acceptance of themselves.

Together with passionate individuals, organizations and companies, we create a platform and the opportunity to hold workshops and to give back to those girls and women who can't afford any form of menstrual products. And in conjunction with a health conscious, eco-friendly product & education, we hope to be a positive change in world.

Get Inspired, Get Involved

When we work together, we are so much stronger, and can have so much more impact.

If you, your company, or an organization you know of would like to get involved, please feel free to get in touch, so we can find ways to help girls and women together.

- Cara

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